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    October 20, 2015 by Sioure Support
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    Renewal Notice

    Sioure Enterprise App

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We are proud to announce the launch of our new Sioure Enterprise App, operational on Android devices. Sioure’s Enterprise app puts your business in the palm of your hand. Our advanced project management software allows clients to manage SEO account data, track the progress of their projects, manage expenses, schedule a meeting or receive an invoice or quotation from our office – all from their Android or iPhone.

    Schedule a Meeting
    Say goodbye to phone and email tags for finding the perfect meeting times. With our integrated schedule feature, plan meeting by co-coordinating availability with all participants.

    SEO Account
    Getting the right data is incredibly important for maintaining your SEO efforts. This feature aids you to easily keep track of your SEO data. This handy little widget on your account dashboard monitors your keyword ranking making it easier to keep track of important business metrics, data and activity.

    My Projects
    Like all project management software and apps, this comprehensive tool helps you to be up-to-date. Notifications make sure you always know when important milestones have been surpassed. Our application allows you to track the progress of your projects in one single glance.

    Sioure Enterprise app allow for improved client engagement, higher retention and feedback. Post comments, add checklists, due dates and more. This support widget helps clients find answers they are looking for their finger-tips, without having to contact our support team

    Or, please call 1-888-271-9437 for additional information.

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