• Emails Blocking For Account Holders ATT/Microsoft

    September 3, 2012 by Sioure Support
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    Renewal Notice

    Dear Valued Client.

    Our email server clients has reported latency in sending emails to ATT and Hotmail/live accounts users. This is due to a blacklisting of part of our network IPs. Our IPs were blacklisted due to some of our clients mailing mass emails to email users. We have fixed the blocking of our emails with ATT & Microsoft. Our clients should adhere to our mass mailing policy.

    A mailing list with more than 250 users is consider a mass mailing list. Please review our bluck Policy below

    Bulk Email Policy
    Our Bulk Email Policy is simple: Customers may not send email of similar content to more than 250 recipients.
    In our effort to make our email hosting services as reliable as possible, we must restrict our customers from doing anything that could jeopardize the reputation of our mail servers. Thanks to our strict Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), our mail servers have a strong reputation for consistently sending legitimate email. Our customers benefit from this directly, since email sent from reputable mail servers will be delivered promptly and effectively—arriving in their recipients’ inboxes, rather than in their spam folders.

    One of the most important ways we protect the integrity of our mail servers is to restrict bulk email. Our AUP’s Bulk Email Policy restricts customers from sending any email of similar content to more than 250 recipients—even if the email is sent in batches over time or is sent using multiple email accounts.

    These restrictions are tough, but they are necessary to protect our mail servers from potential blacklisting. If an ISP or another email host detects that unsolicited or undesired email has been sent from one of our servers (even just one email out of a thousand), the server may be blacklisted—which results in email delivery delays and may cause legitimate email to end up in recipients’ spam folders. This affects not just the offending customer, but all customers sending email through the mail server. Though we have safeguards in place to promptly replace blacklisted servers, we must preserve our mail servers’ reputation for always sending legitimate email.

    Contact Our Support Department for information on how you can send bulk emails to your mailing list.

    Or, please call 1-888-480-7772 for additional information.

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