• Security Alert | Business Email Compromise (BEC) Fraud

    September 22, 2015 by Sioure Support
  • The FBI has issued a warning about a sophisticated scam called Business Email Compromise (BEC) that targets businesses working with foreign suppliers and businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments.

    The fraudsters compromise legitimate business e-mail accounts through social engineering or phishing, then conduct unauthorized transfers of funds.

    Most Common Method of Entry for BEC Fraud
    Fraudsters most commonly gain access through a phishing scam in which a victim receives an email that includes a malicious link, sent from a seemingly legitimate source. Once the victim clicks the link, malware is installed that gives the fraudsters access to usernames, passwords, and financial information.

    Thank you in advance for your attention to this issue. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. We love hearing from you. We appreciate your business and are always here at your service!

    For complete coverage of the BEC scam, visit the Sioure Blog.

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