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    April 6, 2017 by Sioure Support
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    Invoice Notice
    Privacy policy Update

    Dear Valued Customer,


    Sioure Enterprise has updated it Privacy Policy and added a Cookie Policy. Sioure Enterprise upgrade has been made to maintain compliance with US & EU Regulartory agencies.

    US-based companies that do business targeted to EU nations must comply with EU cookies laws.

    In the US, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces privacy and data security laws and regulations, but cookies are not explicitly separated from general privacy laws as they are in the EU. For compliance we must notify you our customer of such a change to our policies.

    See updated Policies Below

    Privacy Policy - http://www.sioure.com/us/privacypolicy

    Cookie Policy - http://www.sioure.com/us/cookies



    Other information:

    You may review your invoice history at any time by logging in at: https://myaccount.sioure.com

    If you have any questions regarding your account, please feel free to contact us at billing@sioure.com.

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    Sioure Enterprise

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